Daron Blaylock was sentenced 15 years in prison


The crash occurred when Blaylock’s Cadillac Escalade crossed over the center median of an Atlanta area road, on Tara Boulevard,  and struck an oncoming van. Monica Murphy, mother of five, was fatally wounded. Blaylock himself almost died in the accident. He pled guilty to vehicular homicide in the case. He has admitted he has a problem with alcohol and he is getting treatment for that but at the time of the accident toxicology screens showed no alcohol in his body. However doctors had told him not to drive because he was prone to seizures attributed to alcoholism.

The former NBA star will only serve three years in prison. That plea came on the day jury selection was to start. The conditions for the suspension include 1,500 hours of community service and treatment for alcoholism, including twice weekly Alcoholic Anonymous meetings. Blaylock played 13 years in the NBA.


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