Many killed women found in Indiana, no answers yet


Based on other information, police found finally a total of seven women bodies. According the police three of the bodies were found Sunday night at two locations in Gary, a city about 30 miles southeast of Chicago, while the other four bodies were found earlier over the weekend. Autopsies are pending. The county coroner’s office identified the first victim found in Hammond as 19-year-old Afrika Hardy and ruled she had been strangled. Even the case is a very strange one or exactly because that, the man was not yet charged and his name was not disclosed to the media. Nobody can explain at this moment why the women were killed and if all the crimes are linked to a single person, supposed to be eventually the man who is in the police custody right now. Residents in the area are terrified about such atrocity. People need answers and security and the police is pressed to provide both.


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