Annual New Hampshire pumpkin festival turns to mayhem


 The incident started at around 2:30 pm near the school’s campus at a party held near the intersection of Winchester Court and Winchester Street. At least 30 people were injured in the afternoon incident near Keene State College and Police made 12 arrests. While the sustained injuries were mainly minor ones out of the 30 injured people 20 of them were transported to hospitals.

Keene Police requested backup and Nashua Police was called in to assist the special response team. Through the afternoon a large fire crew and police presence remained at the scene. Just before 10 p.m., police unloaded tear gas and lit fire into the air as another crowd looking for trouble gathered nearby.

The annual pumpkin festival turned to mayhem after students and other people nearby began throwing rocks and bottles into the crowd. Police was forced to fire tear gas at hundreds of people to stop them. People were out of control. Some even toppled over a car and many began tearing down street signs.


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