President Obama more involved in evaluating the Ebola problem


“I am absolutely confident that we can prevent a serious outbreak of the disease here in the United States, but it becomes more difficult to do so if the epidemic of Ebola rages out of control in West Africa,” he said after that. At this time it seems that the real danger due to a possible Ebola outbreak is less important than the public fear and reaction, in the U.S., as some commentators observed. This includes political reactions, so “Obama needs to make more such efforts to talk directly to Americans about Ebola to show he is in control”, as said Peter LaMotte, a senior vice president at Levick, a crisis communications firm.

The President is calling now on the CDC to dispatch “SWAT teams” of Ebola experts to respond to any outbreaks in the U.S. within a day’s time. He spoke also with leaders in , , Italy, France and Great Britain “to make sure we are coordinating our efforts.” On the other side, leaders of National Nurses United called on President Obama to use his executive authority to issue uniform standards for treating Ebola patients.


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