A 46-year-old man set free from prison after 29 years


Now, prosecutor Mark Hale told the judge that “we’ve come to the conclusion that these statements were not the voluntary recollection and admissions.” the case against Messrs. McCallum and Stuckey was riddled with inconsistencies, his lawyer and Attorney Kenneth Thompson said. The second supposed crime author, Willie Stuckey, who was also exonerated Wednesday, died in prison in 2001. Attorney Kenneth Thompson called this case a “legacy of disgrace” inherited from his predecessor, Charles Hynes. He promised to continue the search for Mr. Blenner’s killer to satisfy his family’s need of truth and to make finally justice. Being free now, after so many years, Mr. David McCallum has to rebuild his life but nobody can give him back what he had lost. The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office proposed to review several cases from the past helping to determine a better solution.


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