Man released after 15 years in prison was shot minutes after walking away as a free man


As reporters wanted to get more details about what happened they were face with closing doors and residents who refused to offer more information. Some, agreed to talk with the reporters off camera. Everyone was scared by the unusual circumstances around the . Someone who lives 500 yards away from the scene declared that she and her neighbours are really scared. After the they had to lock their doors and hide.

Thirtythree-year-old Devon Simmons who had just finished serving 15 years in jail for assault was picked up by a light colored sedan. Inside there were two men who left their victim bleeding after firing multiple shots at him. Limping few hundred yards the victim was able to get to the train station where he asked for help. A train passenger called 911 and an ambulance took the man to a clearing from where he was picked up by a medical helicopter and transported to a Westchester County trauma center.

The two attackers are both from New York city area. The pair was arrested. Jerome Mack and Edgar Wilson are being held in the Orange County Jail without bail.


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