A young woman with cancer decided to put herself to death


She wants to use the rights conferred by death-with-dignity law which is acting in Oregon and to can do this uprooted from Northern California and moved north with her husband Dan Diaz. This law allows terminally ill patients to end their lives with lethal medications prescribed by a doctor. Oregon was the first state to make it legal in 1991. The patient must swallow the drug without help as an imposed condition. The patient must also prove state residency to a doctor to be eligible for the procedure. Maynard was given just six months to live. “When we all sat down and looked at the facts, there isn’t a single person that loves me that wishes me more pain and more suffering” she declared to the media. She decided not only to end her pain  but at the same time to help this law to not be modified or denied, acting during the rest of  her life to ask more public support. That is why her story became public as an ongoing viral media campaign.


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