Time capsule from 1901 extracted from a lion statue in Boston


It was a rectangular box, which weighed between five and 10 pounds and measured 8-by-12 inches in length and about 6 inches deep. Rumors about possible existence of the time capsule were years ago when the information was provided by the great-great-granddaughter of Samuel Rogers, a craftsman who had worked on building renovations. More, an article in The Boston Globe from 1901  mentioned a copper box “which will prove interesting when the box is opened many years hence.” For the instant  nothing was taken out of the box because of the items’ fragile condition. So its content it’s still a mystery. The box will be brought to an environmentally-controlled setting where the contents can be carefully removed and studied.

This will aid without doubts more importance to the story of the Old State House, actually known as an historic building because in the summer of 1776 the newly signed Declaration of Independence was read for the first time to Bostonians from one of its  balconies.


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