Temperature checks will be required on US airports to prevent Ebola spread


As specialists explain, this is not enough to prevent many people with Ebola from entering the country (because the disease typically incubates for eight to 10 days before symptoms including fever develop) .but it’s a first important step to build a preventive attitude. Even the American President Obama was previously criticized by Republicans for what was called “a lax response” against the Ebola threat. One of the specialists who referred the problem explaining what are the circumstances in a globalized world .was Howard Markel, a professor of the history of medicine at the University of Michigan , who said: “We are a global village. Germs have always traveled. The problem now is they can travel with the speed of a jet plane.” Thomas R. Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, rejected at least for now calls for a ban on travel from West Africa. At this time, the World Health Organization considers Ebola as the most important threat for health in the modern times.


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