Another American infected with Ebola and new steps to combat illness


The relatives will communicate with him only trough a video chat system. American officials learn to manage Ebola cases and prepare for more difficult situations possible. A rapid response plan was conceived in Texas. A Task Force on Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response will be created, overseen by Dr. Brett Giroir, the CEO of Texas A&M Health Science Center. Texas Gov. Rick Perry asked that screening procedures to be introduced at all US points of entry. At the same time, Dallas patient being treated for Ebola is in critical condition and the Food and Drug Administration approved as an emergency treatment to give him an experimental antiviral drug in late-stage testing by a North Carolina-based drugmaker.

Brincidofovir is being tested against several viruses and laboratory tests suggested it may also work against Ebola. It is a hope but no one can offer certitude at this moment. Even two other drugs previously used for American patients are not certainly proved their efficiency.


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