Rob Bironas died in a car accident after doing strange things


A Belmont University student who was driving a car and was inside with three others called 911 to say they were threatened to death by a guy later identified as Bironas. They smelled something burning from Bironas’ SUV and sought to tell him. But he answered “I’m going to kill everybody in your vehicle.” He tried to run them off the road, chasing their truck before they escaped in a residential area. “We had to take flight at about 110 miles per hour. It was very scary,” the teenager said.

In a very similar situation, on the same day, a woman told the police that Bironas (as an unknown driver at that time) disturbed them on the way. “We let him go on past us because he was trying to run me off the road and we don’t know who he was,” the woman told.

So, something was strange with Bironas. He was speeding when he lost control in a curve and that there was no evidence of alcohol or drugs at the scene, according the police. The Titans released Bironas in March after nine seasons.


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