Undocumented immigrant claims Miami Police extorted money from his family


Escoto did not have any papers on him. Officers could not even get a driver license and this is why they detained the man.

Allegedly the two drove Escoto around Miami-Dade County for hours and while one officer was driving the other one did what the undocumented Central American immigrant described to be an extended “shakedown”. The female police officer who questioned Escoto in the back officer was allegedly dressed as a civilian but had her police badge hanging around her neck. Escoto related that the woman went by his family and asked for money in exchange to setting him free.

Escoto’s mother called relatives and friends and managed to get $2400. According to the man the money was received by the police officers but he was sent to jail anyway. Escoto’s lawyer revealed the man had no criminal record and had no immigration holds at the time when he was arrested. Furthermore he comes with papers from Miami criminal court databases which show that no offenses were ever recorded for his client prior to the arrest. An official notification was sent to the City of Miami Police Department, informing about Moisés Escoto’s intention to file suit, alleging extortion, kidnapping, and some other claims too.

Currently details surrounding the alleged extortion are checked in what is an ongoing internal affairs investigation into Escoto’s case.


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