Ron Paul fights NDAA



Ron Paul and a bipartisan group are trying to end this law that currently allows USA to indefinitely hold people suspected to be terrorists in the US. The law itself doesn’t sound like a bad law but the real problem is that sometimes (facts show that more often) the authorities fail to catch the correct guy and bring in and charge people for crimes that they did not commit. Only to later find out that they were wrong and release them.

Example: A lawyer in Portland who was held in custody for helping the Madrid bombings on the train. FBI later on realized they got the wrong guy. Another person was kidnapped from for similar terrorist charges and then later on dropped somewhere in the Eastern Europe. These are just some of the cases that prove that trying to enforce such a harsh law is not the right thing to do as it violates human rights. Who can say we won’t be the ones falsely accused of terrorism? Do we really want to give the government the power to hold us indefinably against our will?



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