New study by US Centers for Disease Control reveals shocking truth


“Many victims of sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence were first victimized at a young age. Among female victims of completed rape, an estimated 78.7% were first raped before age 25 years (40.4% before age 18 years)”

According to this study it was also revealed that close to 44 percent of women from the US have suffered other forms of sexual violence too. The shocking truth as it was revealed by survey results has raised serious concerns over the high number of sexual assaults in the US. Although authorities have made big progress in trying to prevent sexual violence and intimate partner violence the still existing cases of sexual violence are many, the study suggests.

An even more shocking truth was also revealed. Among the rape victims more than 78% were raped before turning 25 years old and in most cases (close to 50% of cases) the victims personally knew their abusers.

The final conclusion of the report was: “Continued surveillance of sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence is needed to understand these public health problems better and to serve as a measuring stick by which the success of prevention efforts can be gauged”.


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