A 14 year old girl from Florida was wrongly motivated by a fictional character


The teenage girl, 7th-grader, soaked a towel and bed sheet in bleach and rum before lighting it on fire in her garage. After, she fell asleep in a public bathroom to a nearby park. She never realized the real gravity of her action. She even sent later to her mother a text message apologizing for the act, writing, “Mom Im so sorry I dont know why I did it” and “Did any of u get hurt.” The firefighters extinguished fire. It took several hours to knock down the flames. Her mom and 9-year-old boy miraculously escaped being woken by a smoke alarm. The girl was arrested and charged with arson and two counts of attempted murder. Police believes the teen is obsessed with the fictional horror character Slender Man. They have proof because he confessed to visiting the websites Creepypasta.com and SoulEater.com to read such stories.


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