The “yes means yes” bill ready to be signed in law


This initiative was planned to help clarify some controversial situations because in the past victims have a hard time convincing campus judicial boards that they were raped because they are expected to show they physically or verbally resisted.

According the content of this law consent can never be assumed and will not be presumed even in the circumstances of the existence of a dating relationship between the persons involved, or the fact of past sexual relations between them. In fact, as the law stipulates, “it is the responsibility of each person involved in the sexual activity to ensure that he or she has the affirmative consent of the other or others to engage in the sexual activity.”

Different opinions were expressed to the related subject. “In real life, consent can be implied, or manifested through acquiescence, rather than conveyed ‘affirmatively’ in advance,” said one of the opponents. This was a large debate and if the law will be signed by Governor all colleges and universities will have to adopt an affirmative consent standard.


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