Casinos big spaces to be used for other purposes in Atlantic City


This is about 127,000 square feet of gambling space only at Revel, from a total of 413,700 square feet of gambling space including thousands of hotel rooms to be reused on other activities under coordination of Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, a state agency that uses gambling revenue for investment projects. “Casinos are not great conversions to other uses,” said Paul Steelman, principal of Steelman Partners, a Las Vegas-based architecture firm for the entertainment industry.

The Revel is a $2.4 billion building with a 47-story hotel tower , a complex of wavelike lower floors and a lot of escalators leading to the top of an 11-story atrium. Some design problems must be corrected but it will take probably months to find a buyer. Whatever will be the next destination, such buildings are very expensive to operate and maintain, as experts appreciated.


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