100-year-old-woman’s death is flooding-related in Detroit


The storm dumped more than 6 inches of rain in some places in and around Detroit. Three flooding-related death were reported in metro Detroit. Mayor Fouts declared an official state of emergency in the city. Thousands of Warren residents have flooded basements and the General Motors Tech Center was forced to close. Even the police department were flooded with 6 feet of water. Roughly 1,000 vehicles had been abandoned in floodwaters in the suburb where many roads were closed. In the suburb of Royal Oak, the Detroit Zoo was closed after heavy rains and flooding damaged facilities and equipment, including the Arctic Ring of Life exhibit that houses polar bears, seals and arctic foxes. National Weather Service meteorologist Dan Thompson said the rainfall peaked in suburban Detroit at 6.25 inches. He said 4.57 inches fell at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Authorities closed portions of Interstates 75, 94, 696 and the Lodge and Southfield freeways Tuesday. Other roadways remained under water.


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