Fergusson police officer killed a black unarmed teenager in the street


Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson said later  the man who was shot was unarmed. Thousands of people packed a suburban St. Louis area at a vigil.A few hundred protesters had gathered outside Ferguson Police headquarters.  Protests occurred in the street and even during the news conference. The participants chanted “Don’t shoot me” holding their hands in the air. They also shouted “We want answers”, “No justice, no peace”, “Stop police terrorism” and “Disarm the police”. Some people vandalized police cars. The incident is investigated. The police said in a statement the FBI should get involved “to protect the integrity of the investigation”. Occurring after the long discussions previously  generated over the US country  by the 17 year old Trayvon Martin’s case, an other African-American young men that have been killed without strong motivation, this is a very sensitive moment involving the police and the African-American community. “You’re not God, you don’t get to decide when you get to take somebody from here,” Brown’s mother told to the authorities. She also asked that the officer involved should be fired and prosecuted.


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