Rescue operation at Maryland Six Flags roller coaster


Firefighters scaled the Six Flags America roller coaster to rescue them but it took about five hours to get all the passengers off. Two aerial towers were used in this operation.  Because the hot summer sun the victims of the incident needed water and umbrellas. It’s not known what caused the ride to malfunction. As it is known, Maryland Six Flags roller coaster “has a cutting-edge linear induction motor launch system that will get you from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just over three seconds.“ According to Six Flags, the ride has a computerized safety system that can cause such the ride to stop if there is a problem detected. “While we are not yet sure what caused the stoppage, the ride performed as it is designed to,” they said in a statement after incident. The ride was shut down. The manufacturer and administrators representatives will complete a detailed investigation before the roller coaster will reopen.


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