American doctors prepare to treat Ebola on a second case


This is the second case of Ebola treated in the U.S. this year. Both patients received ZMapp, an experimental drug developed by San Diego-based private biotech firm Mapp Biopharmaceutical collaboration with other companies, previously tested only on monkeys .However there is no proven cure for Ebola yet. The death rate in the current epidemic is about 60 percent.

Maintaining the blood pressure, supporting breathing with a respirator or providing dialysis if needed are the only major medical help possible to be provided for Ebola patients. San Diego hospitals are ready as a quarantine station in the unlikely event of a deadly outbreak.

Even if some West African nations declared public health emergency, at this time were no plans to stop flights to the United States from countries grappling with Ebola, according to the White House spokesman Josh Earnest. The World Health Organization is launching a $100-million response plan to combat the outbreak of Ebola. Deadly virus infection spreading in West Africa has risen to 1,603 cases and 887 deaths, the World Health Organization said Monday.


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