Johns Hopkins Hospital will pay compensation to 8000 women after illegal pelvic records


He conducted examinations without a nurse present. Baltimore police discovered 1,200 videos and 140 images in his home. The face of the women are not visible in the records. The investigators found no evidence he shared the material with others. Levy committed suicide a few days later, by wrapping his head in a plastic bag with a hose connected to a helium tank. About 8000 women contacted lawyers and became a part of the legal action against the hospital. Some of them needed counseling. Many of them affirmed they were regularly summoned to Levy’s office for unnecessary pelvic exams. Johns Hopkins Hospital has agreed now to a $190 million settlement to be paid to those patients. The technical formula to determine how much money will receive as compensation each of them was to include each woman into a category based on trauma level, after appreciations of a forensic psychologist and a post-traumatic stress specialist.


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