Water management policies adopted in California


The set of measures are prepared to help even in the case when it’s not going to rain for more years.Restrictions will take effect in early August. Penalties were defined. The fines will gradually apply at the latitude of water districts and cities officials to wasteful outdoor water use. Watering landscaping to the point that runoff flows onto sidewalks, washing a vehicle without a nozzle on the hose or hosing down sidewalks and driveways will be prohibited. Public health and safety are excepted from the rules. To scrub away graffiti and to remove oil and grease from parking structure floors will be permitted. It will be  imposed fines up to $500 a day for wasting water. The full $500-a-day fine, considered an infraction, will be probably reserved for repeat violators of the rules. Experts are warning that California’s record drought will have a long-term impact on the state’s nationally vital agricultural sector. This is why the hope is that such measures will save enough water statewide to supply more than 3.5 million people for a year.


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