Accidents with illegal fireworks during the Fourth of July holiday


He lost his right hand along with several fingers on his left after an illegally purchased Fourth of July firework he was handling ignited early. The ordnance exploded in his hands.‘ ‘It would have had to have been something pretty powerful,’’ officer Albert Morales of the San Jose Police Department saHe id to the media. The family told local media that the explosive was a “professional-grade device.” had bought the illegal fireworks from a market store in San Jose for $50. Ortiz also suffered burns to his face and ears. The officer added that the man is expected to live. Doctors amputated his right hand, but were able to save two fingers on his left. But being a construction worker he won’t be able to make a living because of the accident. Two other men aged 41 and 32 were seriously injured in Sunnyvale in a similar accident at an apartment complex. In Southern California, a man also lost a thumb during Fourth of July holiday due to illegal fireworks.


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