A letter was delivered after 83 years, in the US


The explication provided is that letter was lost and only recently found. It was written by 23-year-old Miriam McMichael, to her mother, Dollena McMichael. Both women have since died. The letter is now in the hands of 69-year-old Ann MacMichael, of Cornville, Miriam’s niece and Dollena’s granddaughter. In the content of letter, Miriam said: “I’m just getting around to write. I imagine you have been anxiously waiting for a letter all week. I have no excuses, but that I just didn’t get to it and there are lots of things to tell you, too.” The family moved to Skowhegan 40 years ago but officials contacted helped now to deliver the lost message. The price of a U.S. Postal Service stamp went up to 3 cents in 1932.


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