The Goliath roller coaster built to thrill fans


In the other direction it’s also possible to achieve 0 g in a dive. It’s about different sensations with a high sensitive impact on the human body. Probably in this specific case riders will experience even a force of minus 1 g. This will be great. Goliath is made of wood. Most of the beams in the Goliath superstructure are made of nine laminated layers of southern yellow pine. The track itself also includes hollow metal rails running the entire 3,100 feet. The complete one cycle of the ride is just 87 seconds long. The Goliath roller coaster was designed by Rocky Mountain Construction. It features the longest drop at 180 feet (55 m) and the steepest drop at 85°. Goliath also features two inversions and two overbanked turns. The trains for Goliath are longer than the Iron Wolf trains. Each train is made up of six cars. Construction began in September 2013. Hundreds of test runs were performed. Goliath is the fastest wooden roller coaster in the world, claiming three Guinness World Records.


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