Dr. Richard Rockefeller died in a private plane crash


According to the Airport manager Peter Scherrer, Rockefeller, an experienced pilot, opted to take off despite weather conditions. Private plans are not restricted even at zero visibility. Rockefeller regularly flew out of the airport. The aircraft plunged into a grassy stretch near a home at 120 Cottage Ave. outside the SUNY Purchase campus, in a foggy, rainy morning with poor visibility in the suburbs north of New York City. The plane hit some trees and narrowly missed a house but nobody was injured on the ground. The crash sent pieces of the Piper 46 Malibu Meridian a hundred feet in every direction. Richard Rockefeller was a physician with a distinguished career. He had recently been working on a way to treat post-traumatic stress disorder in wounded war veterans. Dr. Richard worked even for Doctors Without Borders. He also started a program called Hour Exchange Portland, a time bank where people can volunteer their services and help one another. The National Transportation Safety Board was sending investigators to the accident scene.


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