Former President George H.W. Bush is preparing for a parachute jump


The event will take place near his summer home on the Maine coast. Bush jumped from an airplane for the first time when his plane was shot down in World War II over the Pacific. Now, this will be the eighth jump of the former President who was known for jogging, playing tennis and fast-paced golf. Describing Bush, his biographer Jon Meacham, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, said: „He’s very grateful for his parents, he’s grateful for Barbara, he’s grateful for his kids. He knows he’s one of the luckiest guys who ever lived, really.” George H.W. Bush served as the 43rd Vice President of the United States (1981–1989), a congressman, an ambassador, as Director of Central Intelligence and finally as the President. He is the oldest living former President and Vice President of the US.


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