Man holding breath produced car accident in a highway tunnel


As another consequence, both vehicles struck the tunnel before a pickup hit the Camry. Daniel J. Calhon, of Snohomish, Washington, had as a passenger another 19 year old young man. In the other car were Thomas Hatch Jr., 67, and Candace Hatch, 61, from Astoria. All four were taken to hospitals. The accident seems to be produced due to a stupid superstition, some people hold their breaths in tunnels, according to the  State Police Lt. Gregg Hastings. However, a car traveling at the posted speed limit of 55 mph would get through this tunnel in about 10 seconds, it’s not a long time. Calhon was cited for reckless driving, three counts of reckless endangerment and fourth-degree assault in Washington County Circuit Court.


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