Facebook opens lawsuit against college graduate scammer


Once he successfully used email addresses, fake bank records and falsified company papers to do this once he then repeated the process and used all the high spending limit advertising accounts to earn money from other companies or individuals that were interested in advertising on Facebook for less money. He thus managed to resell the ad-space and generate a huge income. Facebook estimates that Grunin made over $350,000 from their back.

Starting with 2011 Facebook began taking actions in trying to stop the scheme which became more and more obvious. The company sent a couple of Cease and Desist letters but Martin Grunin ,the teenager from Brooklyn Heights, New York, who was so used to the lifestyle he was having thanks to his newly found income stream did not stop his actions. Until this date Facebook managed to clearly identify close to 70 accounts which belonged to Grunin and close all of them. Grunin who began getting rich of Facebook starting with the age of 19 is now facing a big lawsuit which could make him be in debt for the rest of his life.


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