Woman in jogging attacked by a bear in Alaska


The bear was with two cubs in tow and first assumed a defensive position. But at a second moment, seeing her as a threat and defending its babies, the bear knocked down the woman and took at least one swipe at her. It was a very difficult moment in the encounter between woman and beast. Nobody was here to know exactly how the woman remained in life. Nobody knows how long she lay there after the attack. But she had a strong survival instinct. Even though she was covered by blood, the brave woman was able to start up the rough terrain for the road, about 2 miles away, upon a soldier driving in the area rushed her to the hospital. Not knowing about the bear attack, her husband went back looking for her. He was conducted to his wife at the hospital. She was in stable condition but will need time to recuperate. Up to 40 brown bears and up to 300 black bears migrate through the area seasonally, according the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.


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