Teenage girl found dead after leaving prom early


The couple had a booking at Houston’s Hyatt Hotel similar to all the other students that had planned to spend the night together after the prom. The girl’s boyfriend was took in for questioning and she was taken in for an autopsy. It is believed that they both have been drinking alcohol before going to sleep. Detectives say that her boyfriend is not a suspect in the case but he was brought to the station to be interrogated just so that the detectives can understand what happened. Detective Mike Miller explained it as follows “He was there. He knows everything, so we’re just continually wanting to find out what happened,”

Classmates friends and her family were shocked to hear about the unexpected death. Leandra Mendez, one of the girl’s classmates had the following to say: “It’s shocking. I can’t believe it. I mean, really, I can’t believe it”. Briana Hernandez, a former co-worker friend of Jacqueline, related how the teenager has been planning her prom dress for weeks before going there. “Every day she would come to work and talk about it. She was so excited to go to prom”, Briana relates.


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