Boy involved in Pennsylvania stabbing spree left a note


“I can’t wait to see the priceless and helpless looks on the faces of the students of one of the ‘best schools in Pennsylvania’ [when they] realize their precious lives are going to be taken by the only one among them that isn’t a plebian”

During the rampage the boy reportedly tried to kill 21 people with two 8-inch steel kitchen knives. Fortunately, he failed to kill anyone but wounded everyone of his victims. One nearly escaped death after the knife Hribal used nearly missed the student heart. His victim is in a stable yet still critical condition. Alex Hribal attacked 21 people out of which 20 were fellow students and one was a security guard. On Friday he was officially charged with 21 counts of attempted homicide.

Further shocking details were released through court documents. According to Assistant Principal Samuel King the boy refused to drop the knives when the administrator tried to stop him from his stabbing spree. More shocking is the fact that the boy reportedly said: “No, I am not dropping them, my work is not done, I have more people to kill.”

The whole community was left baffled about what happened and so did the court which decided not to judge the boy as a minor. The boy was considered to be a shy kid sometimes but no one suspected him of being capable of doing something like this. At home and at school the boy lived a normal life. Reportedly all students like him and he was known to even work well in groups. Some believe that something really bad must have happened to have the boy do something as shocking as this.


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