A sick woman sold heroine from inside an intensive care unit in Greensburg


In fact, security guards became suspicious of the large number of people flowing in and out of her room, coming to stay two minutes. A police informant was sent in and he managed to buy 30 bags of heroin, worth $90, from the patient Sullenberger. The woman was arrested Tuesday but remained in the hospital. She faces charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Sullenberger’s boyfriend Jason Bates, 32, of Youngwood ,and Robert Rearick, 27, of Greensburg ,were charged at the same time. 380 bags of heroin, approximately $3,800 street value, were confiscated from her room at the hospital. She  had several cellphones in her room “that would ring at all hours,” as Greensburg Police Capt. Chad Zucco said. An investigation must clarify how the suspect brought so much dope into the building. This is one of the more unique cases investigated by the police around the US country.


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