A teenager survived outside a jet during a long flight


When he woke up, he hopped down to the tarmac. It is supposed that the teenager had run away from home. He hopped a fence and made his way to Hawaiian Airlines Flight 45 managing to climb up the wheel well of the plane and stow away without being detected on the San Jose’s Mineta International Airport. What happened next is considered a miracle because he survived even when the plane reached an altitude of 38,000 feet at freezing temperatures and a lack of oxygen. “How he survived I don’t know,” said Tom Simon, an FBI spokesman based in Honolulu. Scientifically supposed, probably the teenager was unconscious for pretty much the entire flight, during approximately 5 1/2-hour. The boy has not been charged with a crime, officials said. He was medically screened and found to be unharmed. After he was handed over to officials from the Hawaiian Department of Human Services. At Mineta San Jose International Airport the FBI and the Transportation Security Agency work to review security at the facility.


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