Woman of Pleasant Grove arrested on six counts of child murder


Investigators believe one of the seven was a stillborn child. The woman has been arrested on six counts of murder, Saturday.
The bodies were found in the upper residence within its attached garage.  Actual residents were cleaning out the garage and found what they believed to be a dead infant in a container. Subsequently, the police discovered six more bodies of infants which were found in separate containers, cardboard boxes.” Police said Huntsman had shared the home with her husband, Mr. West, who served nine years in federal prison on drug distribution related charges. They separated. Huntsman told the police that West was the father of the infants, and police said they believe her because the infants were born and killed between 1996 and 2006 while West was not yet imprisoned. The home was owned by West’s parents and the man, who returned Saturday, was among those who found the first infant. Police said West is not considered a suspect in the infants’ death. West’s family issued a statement saying they were in a “state of shock and confusion.” None of the neighbors knew Huntsman was pregnant in recent years.


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