Students wounded in a stabbing attack at a school near Pittsburgh


Four of the students had serious wounds to the abdomen and torso being in critical condition at the Forbes Hospital in Pittsburgh but were expected to survive. Alex Hribal remains in a juvenile detention facility without bond, on four felony counts of attempted homicide, 20 felony counts of aggravated assault and a weapon possession charge. He will be examined by psychiatrists and psychologists as his lawyers requested. According to Chief Thomas Seefeld of the Merrysville Police Department, the attack lasted close to five minutes during the changeover of security. During the attack, a student pulled a fire alarm. This helped evacuate school and probably saved lives.
Even the real cause of the attack was not yet clarified, it seems the attacker had a phone conversation with another student the night before. Three computers were taken from Hribal’s home. The victims and many witnesses are interviewed by the police. The high school will be closed for several days and counseling will be offered for students.
In the last 12 months, there have been at least 10 reported stabbing at schools across the country.


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