Homeless man finds a $37,000 ATM glitch


At 5:30 in the morning another call to the Police was made by a woman who wanted to withdraw money from the ATM but just couldn’t do this because of the homeless man who was reportedly spending to much time at the very same ATM.

Now what happened next seems like something out of a Hollywood movie. We all maybe dreamed that one day we will get thousands of dollars from an ATM out of a bank mistake but we all thought such a thing would be impossible. Well, it isn’t. The homeless man was found filling a bag with more than $37000 in cash.

It turns out that there was a glitch in the ATM software, as also confirmed by the bank, and because of this the homeless man was able to make the ATM give out all its money while using his own credit card. The bank took in the ATM to service it and didn’t want to make any charges against the homeless man.


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