The American Administration expected to impose new environmental rules


The plan of President Obama to seriously address the climate change is ongoing and this must be a part of it. In fact, the US has an actual boom in the natural gas production and recent studies discovered that the emissions of the gas from the US natural gas supply chain were nearly two times higher than estimates. The processes in the dairy farms, land fills and coal mines will be considered at the same time.
The recent rules adopted in the Colorado State to limit the air pollution, accepted in February by the energy producers Anadarko Petroleum, Noble Energy and Encana Corp on a deal with the EDF could be a model, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) suggested. There is now and probably will be for a long time divergent opinions about the opportunity of some new rules because, strongly determined in their business, the oil and gas producers sustained by the American Petroleum Institute expressed concern that more regulations could slow the activities on natural gas drilling by raising costs. “There is no other way” said the President, the Administration and the environmental groups. President Obama is concerned to cut the US greenhouse gas emissions to 17 percent below 2005 levels by the year 2020 and he wants to finish the strategy before the end of his mandate.


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