Homes damaged by tornadoes in California


A path of debris about 300 yards long was created. Fortunately, no injuries were reported and no residents were displaced, according to the city’s fire department in Sacramento. Another area with dangerous weather manifestations was Ordbend, in Glenn County. At least four tornadoes manifested their force but this wasn’t enough to stress people. Northern and central areas of California were drenched. The wind was present too. However, in many areas of California the water levels are low because less than half of its year average rainfall was received. Comparing to the last year, analysts say we now have a Californian drought. This was also predicted to happen beginning this year for a long time.
For the moment the rain is still present and we will also have rain in the weekend, with a half inch to more than an inch on the squared meter. “We’re expecting unsettled weather even into early next week” predicted Holly Osborne, a meteorologist with the weather service in Sacramento.


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