A young woman blocked in a Caltrain in storage yard


She fell asleep after a long work day and a heavy dinner with her friends and had not exited at the San Jose Diridon Caltrain station. Later, when she woke up, she was locked inside the empty Caltrain in a maintenance yard, 1.5 miles away from the end of the train line. Jessica panicked when she realized that her cell phone battery was dying. She needed help but no one was around. So she began to search solutions. “I started to break the emergency glass for the fire extinguishers and emergency stop valves, hoping it might sound some kind of alarm”, she told to the media. Finally, she was gone on the front of the train and she used the conductor’s control to call for help. She was found and she could go home. But her feelings of frustration were strong and she told to the Caltrain officials: “I just think it needs to be very, very stressed and mandatory that the train need to be checked several times because it was OK for me but it could have been really bad.” Caltrain promised to make change to their procedures.


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