Three elephants escaped from the circus at Family Arena in St. Charles


The elephants spent more than 30 minutes in a nearby parking. It was a strange experience for some people being in cars. Even if the pachyderms were quiet, they produced damages to some cars and even trucks because they’re massive. A door from the circus annexes was bent too. The police was on the scene. The President of the Moolah Shrines Circus, Dennis Kelley, said in a statement after the incident that “The handlers were able to occupy the animals and they are resting comfortably at this time.”
Fortunately, no one was injured during the incident. The elephants themselves were unhurt.
The three elephants escaped from the children’s ride section of the circus, but no children were on the elephants. It seems that the animals were spooked when loud noises were produced by the circus goers. The elephants didn’t take part in Saturday night’s performance. The elephants are a strong attraction in the St. Louis Moolah Shrine Circus show. The circus is the perfect family getaway.


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