Teenager arrested in Los Angeles after a Twitter post


Later, he followed with another message saying: “Man down. Mission completed.”
The police received a warning signal about this Wednesday in the morning. They proceeded to determine the location of the tweets and the identity of the user. Finally, Dakkari McAnuff, 20, from Los Angeles, was arrested and charged for making criminal threats. It was identified also the gun from the picture, as an air rifle. Fortunately, McAnuff didn’t actually shoot anyone.
The wrong thinking of the teenager and his stupid action brought him a serious penalty of $50,000 bail. Additionally, his Twitter account was suspended. Such things occur unfortunately from time to time because some people play with words and don’t realize that being an active member of a social network is in fact interacting with other real people like in a physical public place. Their system of reference to the values seems to be an imprecise one and in certain circumstances they could become a real threat for others.


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