Zimmerman’s parents sue the TV star Roseanne Barr


They claim that Roseanne Barr was trying to incite a lynch mob against them at the time when, after killing Martin Trayvon, their son had not been arrested. The lawsuit was filed Monday by Robert Zimmerman Sr. and his wife Gladys. The Zimmermans explained that two years ago, on March 29, 2012, they escaped leaving their property on Lake Mary, Fla. In the middle of the night. Roseanne Barr has thousands followers on Twitter. Zimmerman family accused her intention to put them in danger, arguing that she even followed many times the initial message on Twitter. She even wrote such things: “If Zimmerman isn’t arrested I’ll rt his address again – maybe go 2 his house myself.” Additionally, she violated Twitters terms and conditions because revealing confidential information is not permitted. Unspecified damages are asked by the Zimmerman’s family. Roseanne Barr had not yet reacted.


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