Sentenced to death, a man was released after 30 years


The evidence is that he was not even present at the scene of the crime. This fact was always affirmed by Glenn Ford during his long detention. Ford has been on death row at Luisiana State Penitentiary since being transferred there in August 1988.
Actually, another man, Jake Robinson, was identified as the killer of Isadore Roseman. Even though he was suspected of this murder, he was dismissed when his girlfriend, Marvella Brown, implicated Ford in the .
For Glenn Ford and his attorneys, the last three decades were a continual combat for his life. Now, the truth was established and this is a subject for the media. However, no one seems to refer to the terrific sufferance of this man, convicted by a Caddo Parish jury of first degree murder and obliged to serve the execution that lasted a long time wasting half of his life.


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