93 Viper cars ordered to be destroyed


As mentioned in the donation agreement and as a standard procedure already, the vehicles must be destroyed when they are no longer needed for their intended educational purposes. The automotive technology advanced with big steps over the past decade and such old cars do not offer any educational value for the students now, Chrysler’s representatives said.
Of the 93 cars to be eliminated, the Viper at SPSCC is different, being the fourth Viper ever built. It has no emissions controls and no speed limiter and is capable to make 600 HP. Its value worth $250,000 as the specialists appreciated. Some declarations of school officials revealed that Chrysler told them that two of the 93 cars given to schools had been involved in accidents being used by the students and this is a responsibility of the producer. But Chrysler mentioned that they have no records of any legal proceedings involving those cars.
This is not the first such sort of action of Chrysler, several precedents existed.


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