A gambler is suing a Las Vegas casino because he lost money being drunk


Johnston, who made his money in car leadership and real estate, has been a Las Vegas regular for three decades and he came to town during the Super Bowl weekend at the invitation of the casino. He arrived at Las Vegas with his girlfriend. He drank much in the limousine and with his friends during dinner. He continued to drink at the casino. It seems he even couldn’t read his cards during his participation in the games. He was very, very drunk and the law in Nevada states that casinos cannot continue to give money and drinks to players visibly intoxicated.
“I feel like they picked my pockets”, Johnston said to the media. His legal team will use the surveillance video records and eyewitness testimony to prove the story. On the other part, the Downtown Grand will sue Johnston because he has been avoiding his gambling debts and they want him to pay. The legal verdict is not predictable at this time. The state Gaming Control Board is investigating the case now.


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