Big gas explosion killed and injured people in Ewing


Fortunately, the injuries are not life-threatening, including fractured legs and blast debris penetrating victims' skin. The body of the killed woman was found and recovered from the hood of a parked car outside the house where the explosion occurred. People resident in the area were uncertain about what was happening.. “We didn’t know if it was an air crash or something” declared to the media one of them.
After the explosion, the flames burned homes all around. Little was left over and a tornado-like devastation was the general impression on the scene. Some sections of constructions were stuck in the bare branches of the trees. Over 100 homes were evacuated after the explosion.
The company PSE&G is investigating the cause of the blast. It is supposed that a NY based Henkels & Mc Coy working team trying to correct an electrical problem caused damage to PSE&G lines and the gas began to flood the inside the home.


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