The US will reduce Pentagon’s budget


Cutting the Army will make it stronger, is an idea affirmed when referring to the trimming federal spending intention.
That means that the number of soldiers will go back to the dimension of the inter-war Army and important changes will produce in the US military goals. As is estimated, special operations counter-terrorism will continue to be important. Besides these, the remote-controlled drone campaigns to stop al-Qaeda actions and some indirect military assistance to beleaguered allies are still considered important. The Navy and the Air Force will continue to be favored, even if an entire fleet of Air Force fighter planes will be eliminated. The US military presence outside the country should be reduced at the same time.
Some military historians observed that in the past periods of deep budget and manpower cuts important strategic innovation were produced.
“This is the first time in 13 years we will be presenting a budget to Congress that is not a war footing budget” said Hagel to reporters at the Pentagon.


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