The faith and Bible saved the life of a bus driver in Ohio


He was shot three times in the chest and was thinking that was his end of life but not observing blood he shortly realized that the bullets did not produced serious injuries. He even found the courage to respond to the attackers. He stabbed one of them with a pen which he had in his pocket. He grabbed after their gun and fired at them. The attackers got away and Wagner was able to call for help. He is now recovering in the hospital. “Amazingly his injuries are non life threatening” said to the media Stg. Michael Pauley of Dayton Police Department. The police believes that the attack was part of a gang initiation.
Wagoner’s miraculous rescue was possible because he was carrying “The Message Bible” book in his breast pocket. The book has stopped bullets. These were the facts. Everybody will understand them as he/she wants.



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